Bushwick 2013, Brooklyn studio

Live Painting Performances

illustrating various works of literature, poetry and non-fiction. Materials: Sumi ink and bamboo goat hair brush

Illustrating Teresa of Avila

Reading from Daniel Ladinsky's "Love Poems form God." Reader; Anurita Sharma. Jan 2014. Open-toe Peepshow, Branded Saloon, BK.

Painting Mao

Reading from Mao Tse Tung's "Little Red Book, Communist Manifesto." Reader, Raluca Albu. Dec 2013. Executive Queerness, Dixon Place, NYC.

Mustard Seed Garden Manuel

Reading from "Mustard Seed Garden Manuel of Painting," Reader, Jen Manion Jan 2012. Girl Salon, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn.

Discomodify Illustrating Anne-E

Reading "What do you think they talk about?" original work of fiction, Anne-e Wood. March 2011. SiteFest, Armory Weekend Bushwick. Brooklyn
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